Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Katowice 2015 | Official Aftermovie

Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2015 finals aftermovie guys, check it out!

GIGABYTE is delighted to be a sponsor of such an awesome gaming event!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

“All you need are the GIGABYTE boards & an Australian passport”

Yes, the latest geek rankings are out for the geekiest of the geek benchmarks, SuperPi. HWBOT supplies rankings for the “SuperPi low clock challenges” which are essentially CPU frequency limited SuperPi benchmark challenges for various hardware platforms. A lot of overclockers start their addiction to the hobby with pure MHz overclocking and later they find out about SuperPI (calculating Pi). This is the type of benchmark which is single threaded in nature and measures the system’s core performance and memory overclocking and tuning abilities. GIGABYTE boards and Australian overclockers seem to be the deadly mix and top almost all the rankings!

There is only one conclusion for all the aspiring overclockers out there, drop everything, move to Australia and start overclocking on GIGABYTE everyone!



 10101_big ayres-rock-australia-503

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

8pack and der8auer light up the record books with X99 SOC Champion and TitanX

8pack and der8bauer attended an "OC Academy" event in Cambridge last week and did some crazy overclocking. Their rig was powered  with GIGABYTE X99 SOC Champion which is a weapon of all top flight overclockers who take records. The two overclockers from UK and Germany have a nice video out as well and claim to have taken 15 world records.
Congrats guys!
GB X99 SOCC - BoxBoard
image_id_1393037 image_id_1393043 image_id_1393055 image_id_1393056 image_id_1393058 image_id_1393060 image_id_1393062 image_id_1393067 image_id_1393072 image_id_1393076 image_id_1393087 image_id_1393149 image_id_1393154 image_id_1393156 image_id_1393164

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Win a G1™ Gaming Motherboard with The Summit 3 by GIGABYTE Giveaway!


We’ve heard you like getting free hardware? Is that so?? Alright, how about we give away two Z97MX-Gaming 5 motherboards!? Well guess what, we are already doing that!

How can I get my hand on a free  GIGABYTE Z97MX-Gaming 5 motherboards you ask?? Simple! You simply have to guess who you think will win this year The Summit 3 tournament, which by the way, GIGABYTE is the exclusive sponsor of (wink wink).

You didn’t know about that?? But we did announce it :

Ok ok, it was only published today… so here is a bit of explanation:

The Summit is a two phase global DOTA 2 tournament. Phase one is an online qualifier that defines who will make it up to phase two, a week long LAN phase which takes place at the BeyondTheSummit studio in LA. This year is the 3rd edition of the tournament and GIGABYTE is very proud to be the exclusive sponsor. With the closing of the online phase, the full line up is now decided and we are ready to see the world’s best DOTA teams fight against each other. The players of the winning team will split among themselves the growing prize pool which is already over $240,000 USD!!! Not bad hey!?

You can follow the tournament on BTS’s web page or on twitch here:

SUMMIT3_competition_810x1200THE GIVEAWAY

Since the phase 2 of the tournament won’t start until May 13, GIGABYTE is giving you a chance to be part of the action and created a simple giveaway to spice up the tournament for you a notch. By voting for you think might win, you get a chance to win a Z97MX-Gaming 5 motherboard!

Two winners will be randomly selected amongst the right answers.

To participate, head over here:

And in case you want to study the participating teams a bit, here is there information page:

Good luck!!

eTeknix reviews the GIGABYTE X99 UD4P, make sure you check it out!

The guys over at eTeknix had a look at our new GIGABYTE X99 UD4P motherboard. It’s a comprehensive review that you should definitely read if you are considering purchasing one of these :).

Review link


Sunday, April 19, 2015

New GIGABYTE OC Challenge Coming May 1st on


That’s right, we have a new competition coming up for the overclocker nation! Starting May 1st, the community will have a chance to test their skills on the GIGABYTE X99 platform by tweaking both the CPU and graphics side of things. By participating, overclockers have the chance to win $2,800 USD in cash prizes and some exciting hardware, including the leader of them all, the X99-SOC Champion!

You have until May 1st 2015 to get your platform ready and jump in to become the X99 Champion! To make your way up to the grand prize of $1,500 USD, you’ll have to collect the most points by submitting your best scores in 6 different stages designed to test both your CPU and Graphics card overclocking skills. Do you feel up to the challenge? Good luck to all!!

Here is how you can win

Points will be given to the top ranking scores in each stage. The top 3 participants with the most points at the end of the challenge will win cash prizes. You also have the chance to win some great hardware via 3 lucky draws. Lucky Draw #1 will be rewarding participants that submitted scores with temperatures set above 25 Celsius, Lucky Draw #2 will be rewarding participants that submitted scores with temperatures set below 25 Celsius, and Lucky Draw #3 will be rewarding participants that submitted the lowest score. Please see the contest page for all the rules and more details.!/round/gbt_x99_champion_challenge

Here is a list of the contest stages, their restrictions and submissions deadlines . Can you get the best score?

Stage 1: XTU - May 1st until May 8th, 2015

  • CPU frequency 4GHz max
  • RAM at 3300MHz max.
  • GIGABYTE X99 Motherboards only

Stage 2: XTU - May 8th until May 15th, 2015.

  • CPU frequency 4.5GHz max
  • Uncore at 4.5GHz max.
  • GIGABYTE X99 Motherboards only

Stage 3: XTU - May 15th until May 31st, 2015.

  • CPU frequency 5GHz max
  • GIGABYTE X99 Motherboards only

Stage 4: Fire-Strike - May 1st until May 27th, 2015.

  • Single NVIDIA GT 730 graphics card
  • GIGABYTE X99 Motherboards only

Stage 5: Catzilla 720p - May 1st until May 28th, 2015.

  • Single NVIDIA GT 730 graphics card
  • GIGABYTE X99 Motherboards only

Stage 6: 3DMark 2001 SE - May 1st until May 28th, 2015.

  • Single NVIDIA GT 730 graphics card
  • GIGABYTE X99 Motherboards only

What can I get?

For the top 3 of the combine points between stage 1 to 6

  • $1,500 USD for 1st place
  • $800 USD for 2nd place
  • $500 USD for 3rd place

But don’t stop submitting if you don’t have the best score because we will have 3 lucky draw. 

#1- We will be giving away an X99-UD4P motherboard for one randomly selected overclocker with submissions temperature above 25 Celsius.

#2- We will be giving away an X99-Gaming 5P motherboard for one randomly selected overclocker with submissions temps below 25 Celsius.

#3- We will be giving away an X99-SOC Champion motherboard for one randomly selected within all stages bottom 3 lowest submissions.








Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Interesting things on the net today

I came across a shot from ThermalTake’s new fans range, doesn’t it look awesome?! Love the orange LEDs paired with GIGABYTE Z97X SOC Force!!!


Another interesting story that got my attention was the new aluminium ion battery scientists from Stanford University are working on. This will be pretty sweet for any mobile user  who needs batteries to charge in one minute, wow. Hopefully they can also have the right capacity soon so we can have decent lasting battery life.

More at ABC News.